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WGW BOOK Storyline Objective

Stories articulating the journey of 25 women that have embraced leadership and accepted the position as a feminine role model in business and life. Each story & Insight is different, yet unfolds what drives her to make a difference and lead with grace and confidence.

Book Info

This book shares the stories of the modern day woman and the journey she goes through to become an inspirational leader to her communities, families and the world.

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Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living

The WGW Book Target Reader - Who Is She?

She’s a seeker, on the upward curve deciding whether she wants a raise, or taking a higher level position is for her. She’s up-leveling wants a better life for herself and family and looking for inspiration and motivation to take a new leap. She may be interested in entrepreneurialism, starting a new venture or being inspired to be the best version of herself through the stories of other women taking charge of their life and future


35-55 • Affluent • Personal Development • In Tune With Spirituality Not Necessarily Religious • Suburbs of Major City • Bach Degree + • Entrepreneur • Business Owner • Middle Management • Sales Executive • 401k • 1-2 Children • Married/Divorced

about the wgw founder

Rhonda Swan, Founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency, Bestselling Author of The Women Gone Wild Book Series

rhonda swan

Founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency & Bestselling Author of The Women Gone Wild Book Series

Rhonda Swan is the CEO of the digital empire Unstoppable Branding Agency also known as the “Unstoppable Momma” of the Unstoppable Family while traveling for 12 years running a 7 figure empire. Rhonda is an international speaker, personal branding, and business strategist. Rhonda and her team work with visionaries, experts, entrepreneurs, and businesses go from being the world’s best know secret to the world’s best-known expert with PR, Media, and Expert Branding. She consults with a wide range of clients, everyone from surgeons and small business owners to startups and brand managers. Rhonda has been featured in the Huffington Post, Home Business Magazine, Success Magazine, and she was named in Forbes’s “#5 Most Influential Women To Watch in 2021.” Rhonda helps people turn their passions into profits, dream big, and create a life they love with meaningful action to create [Unstoppable] results.

wgw Celebrity Endorsement

Diana Wentworth, Co-Author Chicken Soup For The Soul

Diana wentworth

Author/Speaker/Founder of Inside Edge Foundation for Education

In 1985, at the height of the Cold War, Diana and her late husband Paul von Welanetz traveled to the Soviet Union to be part of a documentary. They were so deeply touched by their fellow travelers, all leaders in human potential, that on their return, they reinvented their business focus. Thus began the Inside Edge, a weekly breakfast forum in three cities where business leaders gathered to hear cutting-edge speakers on the topics of psychology, scientific breakthroughs, global issues, success strategies, spiritual awareness and the arts. Read More

"It doesn’t matter what you are thinking, or what fear you have, if you just do it! Action is the only thing that matters. I can see that at the end of my life, I am not going to look back and say, I wish I would had taken more action!"

DIiana Wentworth, Author/Speaker/Founder of Inside Edge Foundation for Education

wgw Celebrity Endorsement

Dannete May, Founder of Mindful Health, LLC and The Rise Movement

danette may

Founder of Mindful Health, LLC and The Rise Movement

Hi! My name is Danette May , and I’m the founder of Mindful Health, LLC and The Rise movement. I’m a world-renowned motivational speaker, author of The Rise and other health and women’s empowerment books, former celebrity fitness trainer, wife, and mother. I’ve also shared my unique, inspiring message on national TV, including Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home and Family, CBS, and many others. Since 2011 I’ve helped transform the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of millions of people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mind. Read More
wgw book

"Rhonda, this book has come at such a great time right now, I am honored and excited to contribute and be part of such a monumental book."

Danette May, Founder of Mindful Health, LLC and The Rise Movement

our Publisher

David Fagan

David is the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, which sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world, as well as the former owner of LCO Communications, a Beverly Hills PR firm that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers. He has been featured on Fox & Friends, the Today Show, The Washington Post, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox’s The Five, and What’s Happening Now to name a few. He’s won major awards for publishing, publicity, and even the Entrepreneur Educator of the Year Award from Inc 500 Infusionsoft. Read More

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Authors will be published on the Cover of Top Talent Magazine . Which is is all about shining a light on the valuable expertise behind the experts who change lives and make the world a better place! This is not a magazine about theories and ideas, though our readers have come to expect at least one million-dollar idea per issue! Every interview and article focuses on uncovering actionable insights we can glean from those who have dared to DO… and their stories of struggle, hope, change and empowerment! While we love celebrating those who have reached “Icon Status”, not all our experts and writers been celebrated in the media…. yet!

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What's Included?

Wild Magazine is where wild women & men come to tell their stories of inspiration and how they re-wilded and changed the world with their gifts. Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Diversity and Impact. Every author of the book series WGW will be featured on the cover of WILD Magazine
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Here at ‘The Rhonda Swan Show’ we are revolutionizing the conversations entrepreneurs are having to bring authenticity into the world of business and leadership. For years, Rhonda has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create sexy brands and become absolutely unstoppable through publicity and mentoring at an elite world class level. This is the place to get your weekly dose of inspiration from Experts, Thought Leaders, Authors, Coaches and Change Makers from all over the world, to guide you into living not only your life on purpose, but to ensure that your entrepreneurial journey to the top is purposeful, passionate and profitable! We exist to be unstoppable and help you become the same.

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The Rhonda Swan Show helps people like you turn their passions into profits, dream big, and create a life you love with meaningful action to create [Unstoppable] results.

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popular past guests

Diana Wentworth

Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

For over 3 decades, Diana von Welanetz Wentworth has been the Founder and Program Director of the Inside Edge which was designed to inspire the next generation of thought leaders at a weekly breakfast forum in Southern California that helped launch the careers of many of the most celebrated authors and speakers of our day like Jack Canfield, Barbara De Angelis, John Gray, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Louise Hay and many others at the start of their careers. Diana is the author of several best-selling and award-winning books like Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook: 101 Stories with Recipes from the Heart, Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter, The Von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients: Read More


Grant cardone

The Robinhood Of Investing

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule, as well as a sales trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate and the auto industry; he is a real estate mogul who built his 1.9 billion dollar portfolio of multifamily properties from scratch., and not just that, he was also named the #1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine! In this special episode with Grant, we talk about how he got started in real estate, credited investment, none-credited investment, and what people can do for themselves now that inflation is here more than ever. With that, I invite you to watch this episode and remember that the greatest investments are made during a recession – go check him out! Learn more about the fund at @grantcardone


WGW Episode 3 Authors

Women Gone Wild Authors: Isabelle Donadio, Lillith Moon, Leah Steele and Jodi Vetterl

In this exciting episode, I’m interviewing the other 4 of 22 exceptional @womengonewildbook authors, where these women of feminine energy share their true message about leading with the heart. The previous two interviews were super incredible, and you guys are blowing us away with all your wonderful feedback – Thank you! This week: @isabelmdonadio, @beyondthebanksjv, @theleahsteele, and @lilith_marina_moon will share a sneak peek into what their chapter is about, what feminine living and ‘Women Gone Wild’ means to them, their biggest mission, the past challenges that paved their way, and their best advice to their younger self! These women have done so much in their life, and now it’s time to share their gifts with the world!


More About Your Host Rhonda swan

International Speaker / Best Selling Author / CEO

Rhonda Swan Is a mother to a 14 year old prodigy, wife to the Unstoppable Surfer and world traveler for the last 12 years with her family currently living in Bali, Indonesia where she films her show LIVE. When she is not cruising around on her motorbike in Bali. Rhonda is the founder and CEO of one of the top global PR & branding firms. She works with CEOs, Authors, Speakers executives, and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to-human.  After spending nearly a decade working in PR and marketing for fortune 100 companies & multimillion-dollar brands and startups, Rhonda knows what truly drives conversions, sold-out launches, and how to get her clients featured in Top Tier Publications.

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Unstoppable Branding Agency is a full-service media, marketing and PR agency and one of the top personal branding agency in the world, representing businesses and entrepreneurs. The agency has represented more than 3,000 clients in 60+ countries and they’ve worked on everything from small scale online product launches to large scale events, brand story films to documentaries, and getting their clients publishes in top tier publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur & Inc. Magazines. UBA continues to be sought out by the top speakers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the world. From their offices in Bali, Indonesia & Panama City Beach, FL; Rhonda Swan, and her team of experts work with clients on strategy and execution for media, branding, marketing, PR and positioning to help their clients make an even greater impact on the world and position their brand as an expert.

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