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We’re thrilled to be accepting author applications for the next installment of the Women Gone Wild series, the Leadership Edition!
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women gone wild

The Women Gone Wild Author Program is a year-long visibility and brand accelerator that turns best-kept secrets into globally-recognized brands. Alongside 25 incredible women, you’ll share your story in a bestselling book sold all over the country. But this program is more than just about creating bestsellers—it’s a launchpad for you to step into your next level of visibility, authority, leadership, and impact.
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brand & visibility accelerator

Picture this: You’re standing in Times Square, seeing yourself featured on a full-length billboard. In the past year, you’ve been featured on TV shows, magazine covers, radio shows, and podcasts. You are flooded with paid speaking invitations from the stages and clients you have dreamed of. You command the stage, and celebrate as your brand evolves into a powerfully recognized force in your industry.

All of this is possible when you become a Women Gone Wild author. Not only will you become a published author—you’ll promote your personal brand through one of the most comprehensive PR packages on the market. Imagine: what could be possible over the course of the year when you have the exact targeted support you need to launch you into exponential visibility and impact?
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you don't have to do it alone

We’ve found that the most effective way to scale your brand is not to do it alone. As a Woman Gone Wild author, you’ll be able to leverage the credibility of the Woman Gone Wild brand, a respected book series that is endorsed by celebrities, major media outlets, and is distributed worldwide. In addition, you’ll align yourself with a legacy of powerhouse female co-authors—including celebrities, olympic athletes, multiple 7 and 8-figure CEOS, and transformational leaders—and leverage the collective influence of their brands.

Imagine the power of coming together with 25 other women sharing the laser-focused intention to scale and accelerate. You’ll go from being a big fish in a small pond to being uplifted and motivated by women who are playing a game of equal magnitude. We believe this level of collaboration is the new paradigm of feminine leadership and co-evolution. Are you ready to join a tidal wave of impact and influence?
your secret weapon:

strategic pr & branding

You’ll be backed by Unstoppable Branding Agency, a PR firm with 18+ years of experience launching 2,500+ brands. Every month, you’ll have the force of our team behind you to expand your brand authority and get your message out into the world.

Chances are, you’ve already been featured in the press or spoken on noteworthy podcasts or conferences, but it hasn’t translated to the impact you crave. That’s because it’s not enough to get featured in the occasional one-off. This approach fails to weave a clear, consistent, and compelling narrative across multiple media channels and leverage Google’s search indexing to feature you on the front page. That’s where we come in—as an expert team behind you, ensuring every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly together so you get the results you know you’re ready for.


visible brands

10x more money
Hourly Rates Buyers Will Pay By Visible Expert Level
women gone wild
is a sanctuary for the
rebellious woman who
owns her worth
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women gone wild authors are featured on
Times Square billboards, global stages, leading publications,
& in bookstores nationwide


hear the stories of women
who dared to

dream wild
Reena Merchant
UX Leadership Team, Google
Patti Negri
Hollywood Psychic Medium
Terri Britt
Former Miss USA, Inspirational Speaker & Bestselling Author

Why a book?

The answer is simple: books are newsworthy. The simultaneous combination of PR for the book launch and for your personal brand is the perfect recipe to create a buzz that resonates around the world. This dual thrust is like magic for Google’s indexing algorithm, allowing you to skyrocket your credibility and become an established public figure.

We’ve used this exact method to launch countless brands, affording our authors the prestige of appearing in leading publications and seeing their name in print in bookstores worldwide. It’s a comprehensive brand expansion strategy that employs the best of Rhonda Swan’s PR expertise and the impactful reach of a bestselling book.

about the
women gone wild

book series
We believe it’s our time as women to live free and fearlessly. Women Gone Wild is a rallying cry for women worldwide to step into our power, lead with authenticity, and reclaim the wisdom that flows through our intuition. We are being called to awaken our consciousness, rise up to our impact, and reconnect to ourselves and each other.

To be a wild woman is to liberate yourself from the narratives that keep women small. Together, we’re roaring loudly and igniting unstoppable change. Let’s stand together and unleash the wild within.
are you ready to roar with us?

about the

Founded in 1994 by award-winning entrepreneur, author, and publisher Milli Brown, Brown Books Publishing Group (BBPG) pioneered Relationship Publishing® to give authors a more profitable way to publish by retaining the rights to their work.

From New York Times bestsellers to Pulitzer Prize winners, BBPG’s talent roster has made them one of the most successful independent houses in the country—and they were recently named the #1 Coffee Table Book Publisher in the world.
to be a wild woman
is to liberate yourself
from the narratives that
keep women small
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WGW books are
co-authored by


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women gone wild

meet the women

behind women gone wild

rhonda swan

I’m Rhonda Swan, and my life changed forever when I quit my corporate job in 2008 to build a 7-figure business and travel the world with my husband Brian and daughter Hanalei. We were earning six-figure salaries and supposedly living the ‘American Dream.’ Except inside we felt emotionally hollow. I knew I was capable of a life of freedom, creativity, and impact—a life where I never needed to put my daughter in daycare.

Since then, I founded the Unstoppable Branding Agency, an 85% women-run company. I built my business on making the impossible possible—helping people like you go from best-kept secrets to world-renowned brands. Forbes Magazine recognized me as a woman of diversity to watch in 2021, and my company was ranked among the top 10 PRN branding firms for entrepreneurs.

My greatest passion is empowering women to succeed personally and professionally. That’s why I created the best-selling book series, “Women Gone Wild,” which has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. I partnered with Jules to bring you this experience because I believe my wealth of knowledge in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship belongs in your hands. Your message and story deserves to be told, and I’m here to catalyze the conversation that will take you there.

jules schroeder

I’m Jules, and my company Unconventional Life was birthed from a literal dream after a near-death experience I had seven years ago. Since then, I’ve hosted events all over the world, scaled a consulting and coaching business, music career, and became a self-made millionaire—all while living in the highest expression of my gifts and talents.

It was a journey to stop pushing against the current of my vitality and commit to my vision no matter the challenges. A business partner embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lyme’s disease led to autoimmune sickness, migraines, a bi-polar diagnosis, and hospitalization. Instead of giving up on my career, I learned to work in tandem with my life force and open the door to wealth in all areas. Unconventional Life has since reached millions of people from over 75 different countries and ignited a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, and thought leaders—the “lone-wolfs” of the world ready to find home.

It’s my personal mission to guide you to bring your soul’s greatest gifts into form. I believe when you master the art of visibility, you command a sphere of influence. I teamed up with Rhonda for this mastermind because I believe you can have it all. Your voice is too important to stay a big fish in a small pond. You deserve big stages, a big bank account, and the kind of life that lights your soul on fire.



book package
• Book published in major book stores nationwide
• Published by Brown books or hay house
• Personal editor
• Book launch & Book Signing at Barnes and nobles
• times square billboard for book
• wall street journal or USA today best selling book award
• personal PR manager & writing team
• 1 year UBA press tour package for books & Authors ($50,000 value)
• published in top tier publications
6 articles for the book launch (PR for the book)
• 6 feature articles for personal branding
• Feature in Wild Mag Print & Digital
• speaking opportunities
• 12 monthly group publisher/book development calls
• 5 copies of book (order more copies at direct cost)
• WGW community & resources
• private WhatsApp Group
• Private Membership portal
• Discounts on WILD events
book & pr package
the entire book wild book package, plus…
• Personal Ghostwriter Assistance (if needed) ($5,000 Value)
• Book Funnel Provided to optimize book sales
• 12 Business Mentor/Mastermind Calls
• 1 on 1 Strategy Meetings with Rhonda and/or Jules (as needed)
• 1 Year UBA Personal Brand Package ($50,000 Value)
• published in top tier publications
6 feature articles for personal branding (12 in total—1 per month)
• 1 Tier 1 Feature (Ex. Forbes, USA Today, Elle, Men’s Journal)
• Cover Feature in Wild Mag Print & Digital
• TV Interviews
• Speaking Opportunities
• Personal Times square billboard ($10,000 value)
• 3-Day WILD Book Writing Retreat
• Personal Brand Audit & Development
• Logo Design
• Copywriting & Story Development
• Personal 1 Page Website
• Discounts on all branding services by Pink Lemon agency (copywriting, emails, funnels, websites, etc.)
• 5 Copies of Book (10 Total)
times square billboards
features in tier 1 publications
features in tier 2 publications
interview on the rhonda swan show
feature in wild magazine

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If you’ve been thinking about increasing your brand visibility, you don’t need to do it alone. With this one-year, all-in accelerator package, you’ll be able to leverage a brand already recognized by Forbes as “The chicken soup for women’s empowerment,” that’s becoming a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

The theme of our next book is Leadership and only 10 spots remain. Will you be one of the chosen authors for this next edition? What will one year’s worth of visibility do for you, your legacy, your future? Apply now to be a Woman Gone Wild author!
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