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Sophie Zollmann

How to Scale Your Business Easily and Sustainably—Discovery Call

Scalable Success with Zero Stress! Enough of the rise and grind, hustle 24-7 BS! There is a better way to take your business to the next level of success. It is COMPLETELY possible to grow your business while still living and loving your life, and I’m going to show you how. Book a call now to discover how easy it is to reach the $1M+ mark with the right business support team backing you up.

Stefanie Bruns

Energetic Protection Grid

Do you feel like you and your business are being sabotaged? And that this sabotage has a negative impact on your vitality and your success? This magical grid immediately creates an effective protective barrier against any energetic attacks and attacks. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business now.

Terri Britt

The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle

Ready to end the generational cycle of stress and struggle? Grab Terri Britt’s “The Worthiness Quotient Breakthrough Bundle” that includes her powerful e-book, “Women Leaders of Love: How to End the #1 Massive Mistake Women Make and Unleash Your Greatest Act of Service,” as well as its three companion guided meditation Mp3s. In the book, you’ll discover the #1 issue that sets women and the ones we love up for failure. You’ll learn how to step off of the hamster wheel, banish the “not good enough” fears for good, and change your life and the lives of those around you. Take your healing deeper and raise your Worthiness Quotient even higher with Terri’s three guided meditations that will help you transform the way you approach life, success, happiness and love.

Hanalei Swan

How To Be And Raise An Unstoppable Kid

What do you want to be now? You’re GREAT no matter what. You are worthwhile simply because you’re alive. Never forget this, and you will thrive.

Rhonda Swan


Getting Attention Online As An Entrepreneur Is Tough. There are so many moving pieces to master. From getting PR mentions in top publications to search engine optimization, from blogging to indexing, from organic traffic to paid traffic, from social media marketing to Google knowledge panels, from podcasting to assembling the right technology stack, it’s enough to make your head spin. But don’t despair. Help is here.

Jet Van Wijk

Free Training

I’ve bundled together three powerful trainings for you to help you live your Laptop Lifestyle! I can’t wait for you to dive into them.

Beate Nimsky

9D Breathwork "GETTING GREAT"

The 9D Getting Great Activation experience is designed for busy individuals seeking an energizing boost and inspiration to elevate their performance and make a meaningful impact in the world. It’s a catalyst for transitioning from a good state to a great one, igniting motivation and empowering you to create positive change. With each intentional breath, you will feel a surge of energy and determination, ready to make a significant impact in your life and the world around you. Embrace this opportunity to unleash your greatness and step into a future filled with purpose and achievement.

Kortney Murray


Please enjoy a FREE e book download of the Wealth Edition! I am also offering a short consultation with me or one of my trusted account executives. I am excited to educate you and assist in the growth of your business! If interested, please reach out to my assistant to schedule a time that works.

Patti Negri

A free live online class of your choice with Patti Negri

At her online esoteric mystery school University Magickus. MagickU (short for University Magickus) is a place where contemporary and ancient wisdom come together in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. It is a place where students can study, learn, and create their own path, spiritual evolution, and purpose. Classes are offered in many magical pathways including mysticism, magick, astrology, reiki, varying forms of witchcraft, holistic and healing arts, meditation, paranormal investigation, and other esoteric schools of thought.

Penney Peirce

Five Free Meditation Downloads

These meditations will help develop your intuition and ability to notice what you notice. By paying attention to your body and the frequencies of energy and consciousness you’re perceiving, you will be able to make clearer choices and read situations more accurately.

Michelle Beltran

Take the leap: what it means to be psychic

It is quite possible for any individual to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. If you find yourself moved by a strong suspicion that there is more to life than what can be seen or easily explained, then this book is for you. If you find yourself with an overwhelming desire to explore what lies outside the realm of physical science or earthly understanding, this book will inform you. If you want to know what abilities function outside the domain of natural laws, this book will enlighten you.

Michale Gabriel

“Soul-Centered Storytelling"

You have the ability to change someone’s life, expand their horizons, and alter their perspectives. In your business. In your personal life. How? By telling your story. Maybe you’ve tried. But intuitively you’ve known; your story could be told more impactfully. If you just had some expert guidance on how to do it. Here’s the video to get you started.
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