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women gone wild

1st edition
Alexa West is the founder and creator of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide, the #1 travel guidebook series for women, and Girls in Global, support groups dedicated to female empowerment. For over 10 years, Alexa has been changing the way that women travel the world. She has been featured in Disrupt Magazine, College Magazine, and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

jodi vetterl

Jodi Vetterl is an international speaker and the bestselling author of Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender. Jodi has a 20-year career in high-tech software sales working at Fortune 500 companies. She retired from corporate America in her mid-40s and has since dedicated her life to helping others achieve financial freedom and heartfelt balance.

doria cordova

Doria Cordova is the owner and CEO of Excellerated Business Schools®, Money & You®, and other Excellerated Programs. Her programs have impacted hundreds of thousands of students in 85+ countries. She is the #1 bestselling author of Access to Cash: How to Create Resources and Relationships that Lead to Real Results You Can Leverage. 

hanalei swan

Hanalei Swan is a 16-year-old fashion designer, artist, model, international speaker and bestselling author. Hanalei is one of the youngest fashion designers and business owners in the world, producing high-fashion and eco-conscious products out of her showroom in Bali, Indonesia.

kendra davies

Kendra Davies is a positive psychology coach, speaker, and author. She founded Stellar Life Coaching in 2013 to transform how we live, love and do business using positive psychology. She has been featured in Forbes, ThriveGlobal, FutureSharks, and Authority Magazine and is swiftly becoming a leading life and executive coach in the US.

jamilca rodriguez

Yamilca Rodriguez is an expert at crafting unforgettable brand experiences. She has worked on billion-dollar brands such as SKII, Olay, and Crest 3D White. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Voice-Tribune, The Courier-Journal, Today’s Woman, and StyleBlueprint. She is the #1 bestselling author of Women Who BossUp and Ignite Entrepreneur and is also a TEDx speaker.

leah steele

Leah Steele is a founder and CEO and the host of The Wealth Witch Podcast, a top wealth and entrepreneurship podcast for women. She is a Holistic Wealth Strategist and Thought Leader and the creator of the Emotional Resonance Clearing Modality. She coaches, mentors, and guides those ready to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire.
Ondi Laure is best known for her tales of humanities’ savage past. She writes of untold history, wisdom and courage. For over a decade she has been helping others shape the world through crafting powerful books that become legacies. She has not only been featured in Forbes and Top Talent Magazine, but she is the #1 bestselling author of Morningstar, a historical epic for young adults.

kathy gibson

Kathy Gibson has over 15 years of experience in technology sector, and is an advocate and expert on pressing economic, social and technology issues. She is the President and CEO of Catchy Consulting Kathy’s key areas of focus is workforce development policies, including immigration, education, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Kathi Tait, the Baldwarrior is an author, speaker, and podcast co-host. As the founder of the Baldwarrior Movement, which spreads awareness of Alopecia and fights body image social norms, she inspires women globally to believe in themselves, take back their power and live authentically. Her podcast, Bald and Blonde—Mindset Evolution reaches listeners in over 45 countries.

Allison Lewis

Allison Lewis is a creative entrepreneur. She is the founder of Absolutely Alli, a life and style blog, and Absolutely Social, a marketing agency that helps individuals and brands grow and monetize their social media platforms. Allison is also the owner of YayMaker Louisville, a bespoke events company that curates unique experiences.

lilith moon

Lilith Moon is a shamanic healer, holistic business coach and the founder of Shamanic Yoga. She combines yoga, shamanism and business coaching to help aspiring, new and seasoned healers go all the way from accelerating their own healing journey and training as shamanic healers to creating their soulful, successful healing businesses.

isabel donadio

Isabel Donadio is the bestselling author of Finishing is Happiness: 7 Ways Big Idea Entrepreneurs Can Become Big Business Finishers and Becoming Significant: How to Invoke Sacred Words That Unlock Real Power. She has been featured in USA Today and Forbes, and is also a specialist in talent management and the founder of Top Talent Agency.

bella maree lane

Bella Maree Lane is an Australian-born Heart Wound Healer. Bella supports her clients in the areas of emotional freedom, relationship healing, and conscious intimacy. She has studied in Indian ashrams, studied with the Learning Love and Chandra Bindu Institutes, and studied the Yoga of Intimacy.

celinne da costa

Celinne Da Costa is an author, TEDx speaker, and coach for executives and entrepreneurs. She is trained in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Breathwork, and Hypnotherapy, among other transformational modalities. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

Sandra Tremper O'Brien

Sandra is an author and women’s empowerment coach. She describes herself as a “knowledge broker” who shares the lessons, resources, experiences and insights she’s gathered along the way. Sandra helps women reclaim their personal power and transform their life by reconnecting them with aspects of themselves they may have forgotten, suppressed or neglected.

Allison Larsen

Allison Larsen is the founder of The Speakers Coalition, a TV host, and the host of Spotlight: The Allison Larsen Show. She is also an international speaker and the author of the #1 bestseller Soul Intuition: The Sacred Practice of Connecting to Your God Given Spiritual Gifts. She has reached over 2 million people through her work.

camille robb

For over 25 years, Camille Robb has led Just Fabulous Care, JFC Global Concierge Service, and JFC Global Academy. As a global speaker, mentor, and advocate for children, she’s passionate about community-based initiatives, including a food pantry program, a student exchange program, and support for underprivileged children worldwide.

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa is the author of 7 bestsellers and the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker System and Jumpstart Your Biz in 90 Days System. She has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC and TheCW.

anniece acker

Annieca Acker is the founder & CEO of Annieca Insurance. She is an award-winning and nationally-recognized industry expert who has trained 10,000 CEO’s in the insurance industry. She is also the host of The Game-Changing Podcast.

loretta wetzel

Loretta Wetzel, founder of The Wetzel Group, is featured in Top Real Estate Investors. She’s an International Certified Coach for John C. Maxwell, co-founder of Renatus, LLC, and host of Keepin’ It REAL with Lori Wetzel on Voice America business channel. Passionate about real estate investing and financial literacy, she defines key strategies for corporate development and profitability.
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