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Aang Lakey, the founder of Increasing Consciousness, is a violence prevention specialist and diversity and Inclusion expert. They have served in roles such as SHARP Program for Europe and Africa and National Capital Region SARC for the USCG and US Navy. Aang presents on trans-disciplinary approaches in violence prevention and has spoken at numerous symposiums.

Alena Uzhnyeva

Alena Uzhnyeva is the owner of Alonafish OU Company and PT Like Production Center. She left a corporate career to build a thriving, eight-figure business in Estonia, recognized as a Top Estonian Economic Contributor. Alena inspires others through her I Am Creation retreats, which unite facilitators for transformative experiences and empower entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact.
Missy Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of CatTongue Grips, a global leader in non-slip products. She chairs the Utah Forum for WBEC-West and serves as a WBENC National Forum member and mentor. She also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board at the University of Colorado, Boulder, the Board of Trustees at the Winter Sports School of Park City, and the Board of Directors for the MECA Project.

hanalei swan

Hanalei Swan is a 16-year-old fashion designer, artist, model, international speaker and bestselling author. Hanalei is one of the youngest fashion designers and business owners in the world, producing high-fashion and eco-conscious products out of her showroom in Bali, Indonesia.

Carolina Lopez Saglietti

Carolina Lopez Saglietti is the creator of the RRA (Re-empower, Re-define, Accelerate) Method, which informs each of the impact-driven programs she has created, including the “Superhero Programs” for children’s social-emotional skills and “Coach to the Kids” for certifying children’s mindset coaches. She hosts the podcast, “Powerful Mindset in 18 Minutes,” and was named “Woman of Innovation of the Year” at the Conecta Awards.

kendra davies

Kendra Davies is a positive psychology coach, speaker, and author. She founded Stellar Life Coaching in 2013 to transform how we live, love and do business using positive psychology. She has been featured in Forbes, ThriveGlobal, FutureSharks, and Authority Magazine and is swiftly becoming a leading life and executive coach in the US.

Kara Nance, MD

Kara Nance, MD is a double board-certified physician. With expertise in treating unhealthy relational and psychosocial dynamics, she guides individuals and organizations towards healing and transcendence. Dr. Nance founded WellessenceMD, leads as an expert in cravings, addictions, and self-mastery for Sharecare Digital Health, and hosts The Blindspot An Enneagram Podcast.

Anna Nowak &
Alicia Berg

Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg are the co-founders of Made Hot, a vibrant community dedicated to personal growth and empowerment. At Made Hot, individuals from all walks of life converge to rediscover their center, cultivate confidence, and evolve into their best selves—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

sophie zollmann

Sophie Zollmann knows business. She’s a bonafide chaos coordinator who uses her organizational wizardry and marketing expertise to create strategies and solutions for next-level business. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Sophie finds joy in seaside retreats and sharing the enchanting world of Harry Potter with her beloved grandson.
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