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The Women Gone Wild book series was birthed during an event in Bali, Indonesia in January 2019. The founder of the book series, Rhonda Swan and 8 of her female clients were discussing how scarce it is to see women collaborating in business these days, and how badly this needed to change. started to tell each other their story one by one, and discovered the one true connection for women is the very stories that got them to where they are today.

The Women Gone Wild book is for the women who agree at a deep soul level to be here at this stage in history to lead this global shift that the teachers from the past have predicted: Which is the return of the mother and the rise of the feminine. Read More

Rhonda Swan

Founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency & Bestselling Author of The Women Gone Wild Book Series

celebrities who love wgw


Kevin Harrington, Elena Cardone, Heather Marianna & Santia Deck


What Elena Cardone Says...

“We need more women coming together and embracing their gifts and unleashing their Wildness!”

Elena Cardone

Author, Executive Producer & Realtor

What Kevin Harrington Says...

“I’m excited to see more women stepping into their power as investor & entrepreneurs. This book will help open  the doors for more women to believe they can do it too”

Kevin Harrington

Investor, Entrepreneur & Shark From Shark Tank

Kevin Harrington 3

pre-order a copy on one
of the links Below

What Santia Deck Says...

“I Absolutely love what women gone wild represents! There are so many women breaking through glass ceilings right now and I love that this book teaches us how to do that without fear”

Santia Deck

Founder of Tronus Footwear

What Heather Marianna Says...

“Women Gone Wild is an invitation for women everywhere to rise. It is an inspiring rally cry to find the unstoppable, inextinguishable, powerful force that exists within all of us and to invite that part of us to step forward and lead”

Heather Marianna

CEO and founder of Beauty Kitchen and Marianna Naturals - All-natural Beauty Entrepreneur

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