About Carolina Lopez Saglietti

Founder RRA Method, Superhero Programs, Coach to the kids

Carolina Lopez Saglietti is a paragon of entrepreneurship and visionary leadership, with her career stretching over two decades and spanning a dynamic array of industries, including logistics, technology, and consulting across Central America. In recent years, Carolina’s entrepreneurial spirit has been channeled into groundbreaking initiatives in the educational and personal development sectors, aiming at catalyzing human potential.

At the forefront of these initiatives is the “Superhero Programs,” an inventive endeavor designed to nurture children’s social-emotional skills and cultivate a positive mindset, enabling them to tap into their inner strength and realize their dreams. These programs have been successfully implemented in schools across Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, the United States, and Uganda. Expanding her influence, Carolina introduced the “Coach to the Kids” certification program, creating a pathway for educators, counselors, and professionals to become certified children’s mindset coaches.

This initiative is part of a broader suite of online mindset and leadership programs she developed for adults, utilizing her proprietary framework, RRA (Re-empower, Re-define, Accelerate), to foster personal and professional growth. Her methods combine practical strategies based on mindset and behavioral change, drawing from experience as a certified Brain and Behavior Coach.

In addition, Carolina’s commitment to empowerment extends into the publication of children’s books, having authored “Sliding on a Rainbow,” an audiobook filled with positive affirmations for children, and “The Magical Activity Book,” aimed at enhancing self-esteem among young readers. She also serves as a mentor for women in small businesses, focusing on mindset and business development, and hosts a podcast, “Mentalidad Poderosa en 18 Minutos.”

Her impactful work has earned many accolades, including recognition as “Pioneers of Prosperity for Central America and Dominican Republic” by the John Templeton Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the “Best Company in Excellence of Service” by the Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua, and the “Woman of Innovation of the Year” at the Conecta Awards.

At the essence of Carolina Lopez Saglietti’s professional odyssey is a deeply held belief in the power of individuals to shape their destinies and the role of education and personal development in unlocking this potential. Her legacy is intricately woven with the countless lives she has inspired and transformed, standing testament to a life devoted to empowering multiple generations toward achieving their fullest potential.

Her journey is a beacon for many, illustrating a life where innovation, leadership, and a commitment to positive change pave the way for a brighter future.

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