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Founder & Creator of The Soultion Therapist / Transformational Therapist

Karen is a globally celebrated intuitive, transformational psychotherapist and SOUL reflection spiritual alchemist. She is the owner of SOULution Therapy with an accredited psychotherapist background utilizing a unique “whole person” holistic therapeutic approach
She hears the whispers of your SOUL that delivers divine messages that can transmute the cellular structure of the physical body to self-heal your DNA cells and re-pattern the negative imprints.
Her work has seen Karen transform thousands of lives as she sat for 15 years doing one-to-one, retreat workshops, and motivational talks. She has been featured in top magazines like Hollywood Digest, Influencer, Total Girl Boss, Vent, and much more. In 2022 she became an International bestseller for her contribution to the women Gone Wild, Wealth Edition, a Guide to Fearless Living.

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Karen has worked with clients for over 14 years and witnessed thousands of clients transform their lives. Her work has brought to sit with world’s experts such as Dr. Joe Dizpenzia, Gabor Mate training in Living Inquiries & the incredible spiritual Teacher – Humanitarian & Wellness Expert- Derek O’Neil. You will not want to miss this episode!

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