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Founder & Creator of The Soultion Therapist / Transformational Therapist

Karen Whelan is a transformational psychotherapist, intuitive consultant, Tantra teacher, Rising Star healer, Workshop Women Gone Wild facilitator, retreat leader, and international bestselling author as well as a self-published author of two memoirs. Karen is the founder of Soulution Therapy, which offers transformative services to companies, individuals, groups, couples, and teenagers. Karen has worked with clients for over fourteen years and has witnessed thousands of clients transform their lives. Her work has allowed her to sit with world experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gabor Maté (while training in Living Inquiries), and the incredible spiritual teacher, humanitarian, and wellness expert Derek O’Neill. Karen’s work has earned her invitations and coverage on TV and radio shows. She has written for a monthly wellness column, served as a keynote speaker at the Women Gone Wild Summit in 2021, and has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Los Angeles Weekly Times, Hollywood Digest, Yahoo News, Thrive Global, and other outlets.

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Karen has worked with clients for over 14 years and witnessed thousands of clients transform their lives. Her work has brought to sit with world’s experts such as Dr. Joe Dizpenzia, Gabor Mate training in Living Inquiries & the incredible spiritual Teacher – Humanitarian & Wellness Expert- Derek O’Neil. You will not want to miss this episode!

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