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CEO, The Wetzel Group, Inc and Heart 2 Wealth, LLC/ Founder of IAMLOVEMOVEMENT

Loretta Wetzel/Mama Soul Wisdom is a prominent family entrepreneur expert passionate about promoting happy, healthy families. She guides them through BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and using the tools of entrepreneurship to unlock their freedom. Her vision is to impact 500,000 families by exposing them to business ownership and building a lasting legacy for true success. Loretta’s life’s purpose is to fulfill upon the unique gifts, skills, and abilities given to her and positively impact others with a mission far greater than her own personal fulfillment.


Today’s episode is a total treat! You will meet the remaining six authors and recognized international speakers; Dame Doria Cordova, Camille Robb, Allison H. Larsen, Loretta Wetzel, Katrina Sawa, and Annieca Acker and get to hear why they chose to do WGW! These women have all turned their gift and passion into thriving businesses and empires that change people’s lives. And that to me, is a wildness that needs to be shared!

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