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Founder/CEO of Thrive, Founder/CEO of Profitability

Andrea Bell is a mom of three beautiful children, wife, business owner, accountant, business consultant, coach and speaker. She is the Founder/CEO of Thrive, a company who specializes in coaching female business owners and hosting women’s retreats.

Andrea is extremely passionate about helping and coaching women business owners to take their lives back, teaching them how to turn around the business that is burning them out to the kind of business they have always dreamed of; a business that gives her the freedom, lifestyle and impact she longs for. She is passionate that all business owners can create the kind of life and business that they truly want; without sacrificing themselves, their health, their family, their faith or their purpose.

Andrea has over 20 years of experience in everything from corporate to private accounting for small startup businesses. She loves coaching and helping business owners achieve the American Dream!

Andrea is the Founder/CEO of Profitability, a full service accounting and consulting business. As an all female business, at Profitability, they focus on helping business owners drive three major areas of their business: decreasing taxes, increasing profits and managing cash flow. 

Andrea is passionate about creating a fun, flexible and rewarding work environment for women across the world. Enabling them to bless their families while working from home. She has trained and mentored women in many countries who have gone on to run their own successful businesses. Andrea loves working with women in other countries and is on a mission to create better work and better pay for those in less fortunate countries.

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