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Beate Nimsky

In 1989, Beate Nimsky decided to become self-employed. She did not want to go along with the new direction of interRent with the merger with Europcar, which she accompanied internally, despite the tempting offer to move to the management in Hamburg. Through the “time out” due to the car accident in 1987, it had gradually become clear to her that her natural ability to manage people was a talent to which she consciously devoted herself in various ways. On the one hand, she underwent various leadership trainings over the years, including Mastery University with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy’s Leadership and Sales Program, and training as a Senior Facilitator with Chinese Master Mantak Chia and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness. And on the other hand, she learned how to use pragmatic diagnostic tools for personality and competence development, studied for two and a half years alongside her self-employment to complete her Master of Science degree, and successively built up her company. Together with her husband Martin Nimsky, she founded the “Institute for Intrinsic Competence”, which has set itself the task of enabling people to access their innermost potential, to find out about blockages and to dissolve them, Read More

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Stefanie Bruns (18)v2

Stefanie Bruns

Stefanie helps extraordinary world leaders achieve outstanding results. She is an expert in leading high performers to more energy and success. Stefanie is a quantum psychologist, business mentor, and mother of 4 children with over 20 years of experience in coaching ultra-successful people. Are you ready for your next quantum leap? Let’s talk and figure out if that would be a great fit.

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Kortney Murray

Kortney Murray is a remarkable CEO, Entrepreneur, and financial services leader who has made a significant impact in the world of business finance. As the CEO and Founder of Coastal Kapital, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise. With a diverse entrepreneurial background, Kortney has shattered barriers in a male-dominated arena and proven that gender is not a limitation to success. Her achievements and influence have garnered widespread recognition and respect. Kortney is a best-selling co-author, media personality, sought-after keynote speaker, and board member of AACFB. Her mission revolves around creating successful business partnerships, addressing entrepreneurial challenges, and guiding others through the complexities of business financing. As she is disrupting the financing industry by changing the lending equation. Through her relentless drive and commitment to empowering others, Kortney Murray has become a true trailblazer in her field.

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Robin Mullin

I have always been a community builder and passionate advocate for continued personal and collective evolution. In my corporate and consulting roles, I have worked with visionary leaders to build thriving, customized environments and organizational systems that ignite individual creativity, increase awareness, embrace change to accelerate collective advancement. My latest project, new in spring of 2022, is called Wisdom Circles, where I am creating a portal to a variety of intimate group experiences that will expand consciousness and the impact of members through collective wisdom council experiences, using sacred feminine principles as a cornerstone

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Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan is a dynamic and accomplished business leader, women’s empowerment advocate, and author. As the CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, a woman-owned and 85% women-run company, Rhonda has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as a woman of diversity to watch in 2021, and her company was ranked among the top 10 PRN branding firms for entrepreneurs in the same year.With a wealth of knowledge and experience in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Rhonda is passionate about empowering women to succeed in their personal and professional lives. This drive is evident in her best-selling book series, “Women Gone Wild,” which has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.Rhonda is also a talented communicator and storyteller, and she uses these skills to connect with her audience on a personal level. As a TV show host, Rhonda has captivated viewers with her engaging and inspiring style, serving as the host of the Rhonda Swan Show, co-host of New York’s top morning show “Wake Up with Marcy,” and TV show host for the cutting-edge financial show, “New to the Street: Unstoppable,” which airs on Bloomberg, Fox, and Newsmax.With a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the business world, Rhonda’s contributions to the industry have made a lasting impact. Whether through her writing, speaking engagements, or television shows, Rhonda’s mission to empower women to succeed remains at the forefront of all she does.

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Hanalei Swan

Hanalei Swan is a 15-year-old fashion designer, artist, model, International speaker and author. At the age of 7, her talents were discovered and the journey began.  Her parents never asked her “What do you want to be when you grow up” they asked her “What do you want to be, NOW!” This started her career as a fashion designer and today Hanalei is one of the youngest fashion designers and business owners in the world, producing high-fashion life & earth conscious products out of her showroom in Bali, Indonesia.  She has spoken on stages in Australia, Hong Kong, India, London, USA – Las Vegas & Orlando, and in Indonesia. She also released her book “How To Be & Raise An UNSTOPPABLE Kid” in January 2019, and is also a contributing author of the best selling book series “Women Gone Wild”.

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Stephanie Jaie

Stephanie Jaie is an Elite Matchmaker supporting High Net Worth Individuals in finding their soulmates. She is a sought-after motivational speaker, international Amazon best-selling co-author of Journey to My Self, philosopher, and Certified Somatic Sexologist on a mission to disrupt the way we relate to pleasure and transformation in our lives. Known for her direct and sassy communication style and unique fusion of the scientific and esoteric, her tendency to say “Fuck the rules!” quickly earned her the title of Sacred Rebel from those close to her. Stephanie started her first pleasure-based business at nineteen. Since then, she has spent her life following her curiosities into the deepest, darkest corners of the human pleasure and transformational experience—including three years living in the jungles of Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, India, and Bali; learning sacred energetic and esoteric practices. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s in Metaphysical Science, and is currently completing her PhD in Parapsychology and Relationship Dynamics whilst holding initiations in Osho-based Tantra, Zen-based mindfulness, and several Magickal lineages.

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Reena Merchant

Reena is currently on the User Experience leadership team at Google. Previously, she was Sr. User Experience Manager at Sony PlayStation and Sr. Customer Experience Manager at Citrix. She is the Founder and CEO of OurVoice, a community benefit organization dedicated to strengthening our self esteem and authentic presence. Reena is also a visual artist, and her artwork has been exhibited at venues including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Canadian National Exhibition. In 2018, Reena was selected as a finalist for the Woman of the Year award by Women in IT Silicon Valley. She has been featured for her work and community contributions in publications such as Silicon Valley Modern Luxury, the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and Metro News as well as on MuchMusic.

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Erika Pena

Erika Peña is a designer whose multi-cultural upbringing has shaped her designs into culturally sound pieces of fashionable art & has captured the attention of fashionistas worldwide. The influence of her travels & cultures has led to Erika becoming a universal sensation. Peña, the daughter of Dominican parents, moved to Florida at 4 years old. At 18, she relocated to New York City where she studied fashion design at Parsons Design School. There she honed her skills working & collaborating with fashion labels like Donna Karan & Josie Natori. After graduating & returning to Puerto Rico. Peña’s drive & determination pushed the designer to venture into uncharted territory. Using nothing but her love of culture and a dismantled shell lamp, Peña designed and handmade a pair of earrings that launched what today is her Design empire, Erika Peña Designs. In 2006, Erika joined forces with, her sister, Bielka Peña-Bevillard. Since then, it’s been nothing but stunning stone tribal necklaces, chic chandelier earrings, innovative Sandals and Resortwear Each piece crafted blends her Latin roots & her bold fashion claim. The results are luxurious, one-of-a-kind works of art that have been featured in fashion magazines, top celebrities and stylists, all while selling at the top boutiques worldwide; Spain, Dubai, Spain, Australia, Japan and many other countries. With representation in Showrooms in Mexico, London, Australia and NYC, Exquisite creations have graced the pages of VOGUE, ELLE, InStyle, Glamour, UsWeekly, HOLA, Harper’s Bazaar, & New York Times to name a few. Style icon’s like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, & Paris Hilton, are several of the designer’s clientele. In an industry where break out designers are far and few between Erika Peña has shown that her designs have a transcended ageless quality that prove she’s going nowhere but up in this fashion jungle

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Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, specializing in intuition development, transformation, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, and dream work. She is an internationally respected clairvoyant-empath, visionary, author, and popular lecturer and trainer. Penney advises and coaches business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success. She is the author of ten books, including Transparency, Leap of Perception, Frequency, and The Intuitive Way.

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Terri Britt

Terri Britt is a former Miss USA (1982) and anchor for Movietime (now E!). Since then, she has been a TEDx speaker, spiritual coach, intuitive healer, and has authored several books including her award-winning The Enlightened Mom: A Mother’s Guide for Bringing Peace, Love & Light to Your Family’s Life, and Message Sent: Retrieving the Gift of Love. She is the founder of Women Leaders of Love global community, and for over two decades, Terri has helped women raise their Worthiness Quotients to break the generational cycle of lack, stress, and struggle, so they become thriving examples for their families, communities, and the world. Her appearances include shows such as TodayFoxNBC NY, and Good Day Atlanta, and she has contributed to HuffPost. A wife, mom, stepmom, and nana, Terri co-owns JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters in Helen and Cleveland, Georgia, alongside her husband, Charlie.

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Terri Britt

Sophie Zollman

Sophie Zollmann knows business. She’s a bonafide chaos coordinator who uses her organizational wizardry and marketing expertise to create strategies and solutions for next-level business. When she’s not working her entrepreneurial magic, she enjoys spending time on the beach or with family teaching her adorable grandson all about the wizarding world of Harry Potter….

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Andrea Bell

Andrea Bell is a mom of three beautiful children, wife, business owner, accountant, business consultant, coach and speaker. She is the Founder/CEO of Thrive, a company who specializes in coaching female business owners and hosting women’s retreats.

Andrea is extremely passionate about helping and coaching women business owners to take their lives back, teaching them how to turn around the business that is burning them out to the kind of business they have always dreamed of; a business that gives her the freedom, lifestyle and impact she longs for. She is passionate that all business owners can create the kind of life and business that they truly want; without sacrificing themselves, their health, their family, their faith or their purpose.

Read More

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Kendra Davies

Kendra Davies is a positive psychology practitioner and life coach, speaker, and author. She founded Stellar Life Coaching in 2013 with the mission to transform how we live, love, and do business, using the powerful science of Positive Psychology. From international retreats and workshops, to online courses and coaching programs, she has helped thousands of people identify, define and cultivate their own happiness and change their lives. She has been a consultant, coach, and advisor to fortune 100 businesses and leaders. Kendra has been featured on Forbes, ThriveGlobal, FutureSharks, and Authority Magazine and is swiftly becoming one of the leading life and executive coaches in the US.

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Kenya Roberson

Kenya has been involved in the clothing wholesale industry for over 10 years. In her early years, she began working for Herve Leger, styling and selling dresses of all varieties. She worked in freelance modeling as well where she connected with many industry leaders. Kenya quickly grew interested in the apparel resale industry and began working for a wholesale company that specialized in exports. She worked there for many years and gained tremendous industry knowledge, including logistics.

Kenya never lost the desire to work with high-end brands, as her experience in the LA fashion industry was a large part of her history. After a few years, she decided to open her own company where she could put her export, logistics, fashion sense, and premier brand knowledge to best use. Elite Garment Distro was born, and has become a niche company that incorporates not only wholesale and export logistics expertise, but a strong brand awareness as well. Along her journey, Kenya’s sense of philanthropy has also grown, and she’s been very active in giving back not only in her local community, but to various humanitarian projects across the world. Elite Garment Distro frequently donates to charities and provides apparel and shoes to clothe the needy.

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Tristen Durkin

Tristen Durkin, RN-BSN, is the founder and CEO of True Medical Aesthetics PLLC – a cutting-edge medical spa in Avon, Connecticut. Tristen began her professional career in the field of mental health and addiction in 2007 and obtained certifications in Trauma Sensitive Services and Holistic Disease Management in addition to performing volunteer work with homeless outreach and global cross cultural volunteer services.

After becoming a Registered Nurse, she worked in homecare, obtaining IV Therapy and Wound Care certifications, quickly developing a special interest in medical aesthetics and wellness services. She has worked in various medical spas settings since 2014, obtaining professional advanced training and certification in Botox, Filler, Laser Services, Non Surgical Body Contouring and Medical Grade Skin Care and has published expert skin care advice in Connecticut Magazine. Tristen also actively engages in professional speaking engagements in the industry, and provides mentorship to fellow medical spa business owners and aesthetic providers. When not working, Tristen enjoys spending time with her family, on the tennis courts and traveling.

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Lisa Stafford

Lisa Stafford is the CEO and Owner of Lisa’s Sweet Spot Inc. where she is on a mission to create a space where all good things come together for healing entrepreneurship and support.

She is a Restorative Yoga Teacher and Therapist, a certified Practitioner in Indigenous Herbs and food healing, a certified consultant in Electrocuticals (PEMA -EMF) and Breathing therapy.

Lisa is also a Sag-Aftra Member, a Counselor in the study of Human Behavior, Inner Matrix consciousness and Yoga for E-motional, Mental and Spiritual Alignment with Self, as well as an Alexander Technique guide. She is an affiliate with Advanced Bio Tech Co. providing high frequency and wellness products.

Lisa currently balances home life as a wife and mother in beautiful Southern California.

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Jet Van Wijk

Jet is a global adventurer with Dutch origins now settled in beautiful Bali. Initially climbing the corporate ladder in hotel management at Hilton Hotels in London, she soon craved a life of freedom. Transitioning to the influencer industry, Jet confronted the dark side of social media, inspiring her to self-publish “What Influence,” unveiling the toxic impact. Shifting gears, she became a marketing freelancer, prioritizing mental health over follower counts. 

Scaling her venture, Jet established a successful marketing agency and created a 7-figure coaching program, empowering others to embrace freelancing without chasing validation. Advocating for life on one’s own terms, she guides others to break free from the 9-5 grind and design their dream lives, a passion she ardently pursues, unbound by likes and followers.

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Kara Nance, MD

Kara Nance specializes in Upstreaming and uses her expertise to uncover and treat unhealthy relational and psychosocial dynamics that lead to suffering for individuals and organizations. A physician with 25 years of clinical experience, Kara also is trained to guide psycho-spiritual healing and transcendence. Kara studied at Princeton, Penn, University of Chicago, and UMass Center for Mindfulness and is double board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine. Kara is the founder of WellessenceMD, the Lead Expert in Cravings, Addictions, and the Science of Self Mastery for the Sharecare Digital Health Company, and is certified in Nonviolent Communication, Resonant Healing, the Enneagram and MBTI typing systems, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Kara also produces a weekly podcast called The Blindspot An Enneagram Podcast. In addition, she is a co-author in the Women Gone Wild edition about Intuition. Kara is a mother to four children and uses her “training” from parenting and divorce to help individuals and couples to navigate complex family dynamics

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Diana Wentworth

Diana is a New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of ten books, including her popular romantic memoir, Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter.  She was the first coauthor with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen in the popular book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul (500 million sold).  Diana has always focused on bringing people together for enjoyment and upliftment.  She hosted a long-running television series with her late husband Paul von Welanetz. Diana and Paul founded the Inside Edge (, a weekly breakfast speaker forum in Southern California that helped launch the careers of many of the most celebrated authors and transformational speakers of the past thirty-five years including Jack Canfield, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis and Louise Hay. Read More

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Made Hot: Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg

Imagine a community that would create common ground for people of every walk of life, to work on yourself and get back to your center and evolve into your next phase of empowerment, confidence and becoming your best self: physically, mentally and spiritually.

A place where we as humans can go to gain the confidence and clarity you’ve been craving to live a more fulfilling life. Find joy and pleasure again. Really embrace your sexuality and find like minded people who just want to see you happy, grow with yourself, and blossom in your relationships.
Something like this has never existed… until now.

Welcome to Made Hot!

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