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high-impact women ready to scale
Hosted by Rhonda Swan & Jules Schroeder
intimate group
enrollment starts
april 2024

Are You Ready for your next level of success?

learn to leverage visibility to
create income & impact
At this point in your career, you’ve accomplished a lot. You’re a woman who knows how to work hard and get results. Maybe you’ve been part of a best-selling book, sold out launches, or captivated audiences from a stage.

But what is the next evolution of your success?

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re a big fish in a small pond, wishing you had a community that played at the same level as you. And when it comes to scaling, you’re 100% clear you don’t want it to feel like more work or pressure.

What if the path ahead was filled with ease, joy, play, and the spark of creative brilliance?

One word—infrastructure.

You already know visibility is a gold mine for your business. But are there places where you are leaving sales on the table? Does your business have the infrastructure to convert the volume of leads in your field into revenue?

What if you could turn every speaking engagement, book asset, podcast episode, or social media post into a source of income on autopilot?

Picture a reality where your business thrives on airtight systems, operating on autopilot, converting visibility into high-ticket sales, underpinned by a team that makes every process efficient. Envision your baseline revenue not just growing, but booming sustainably, supporting the lifestyle and impact you’ve always desired.

It’s time to get your systems to do the work for you, so you can show up as the CEO, build your empire, and enjoy your freedom.
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inside this
you will

Allow your success to compound by optimizing your sales process and leveraging visibility opportunities.
Command influence as you extend your brand’s reach and build a legacy.
Get guidance from experts who know what it takes to hit 7-figures and beyond. This group is only for fierce woman playing a big game.
Streamline your systems and scale without increasing your workload, so you can stay in your zone of genius and thrive as the CEO.
Forge lifelong connections and collaborations with influential women that will hold you accountable and inspire you.

meet your mentors

rhonda swan

I’m Rhonda Swan, and my life changed forever when I quit my corporate job in 2008 to build a 7-figure business and travel the world with my husband Brian and daughter Hanalei. We were earning six-figure salaries and supposedly living the ‘American Dream.’ Except inside we felt emotionally hollow. I knew I was capable of a life of freedom, creativity, and impact—a life where I never needed to put my daughter in daycare.

Since then, I founded the Unstoppable Branding Agency, an 85% women-run company. I built my business on making the impossible possible—helping people like you go from best-kept secrets to world-renowned brands. Forbes Magazine recognized me as a woman of diversity to watch in 2021, and my company was ranked among the top 10 PRN branding firms for entrepreneurs.

My greatest passion is empowering women to succeed personally and professionally. That’s why I created the best-selling book series, “Women Gone Wild,” which has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. I partnered with Jules to bring you this experience because I believe my wealth of knowledge in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship belongs in your hands. Your message and story deserves to be told, and I’m here to catalyze the conversation that will take you there.

jules schroeder

I’m Jules, and my company Unconventional Life was birthed from a literal dream after a near-death experience I had seven years ago. Since then, I’ve hosted events all over the world, scaled a consulting and coaching business, music career, and became a self-made millionaire—all while living in the highest expression of my gifts and talents.

It was a journey to stop pushing against the current of my vitality and commit to my vision no matter the challenges. A business partner embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lyme’s disease led to autoimmune sickness, migraines, a bi-polar diagnosis, and hospitalization. Instead of giving up on my career, I learned to work in tandem with my life force and open the door to wealth in all areas. Unconventional Life has since reached millions of people from over 75 different countries and ignited a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, and thought leaders—the “lone-wolfs” of the world ready to find home.

It’s my personal mission to guide you to bring your soul’s greatest gifts into form. I believe when you master the art of visibility, you command a sphere of influence. I teamed up with Rhonda for this mastermind because I believe you can have it all. Your voice is too important to stay a big fish in a small pond. You deserve big stages, a big bank account, and the kind of life that lights your soul on fire.
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what you'll
get inside this

Hosted by RHONDA & JULES
Get highly-focused, laser coaching from two women who’ve built multiple successful companies from the ground up. Uncover blind spots, overcome roadblocks, and surpass your 2024 goals with clarity and determination. This is the ultimate container for accountability, inspiration, personalized support, and community.
We’re bringing together a team of boss players in the business world to deliver curated content that will directly impact your bottom-line revenue and the joy and fulfillment you experience daily in your business.
With 18 years of PR experience, Rhonda has access to an exclusive network of publications and events. Get special invites to publishing and speaking opportunities, networking events, and podcast features so you can generate the kind of momentum for your brand that attracts ideal clients and high-caliber partnerships.
feature on “wild woman wednesdays”
“Wild Woman Wednesdays” is a weekly live masterclass hosted inside of our paid membership community, Wild Tribe. This invite is an opportunity for you to generate leads and be featured in front of our audience. You’ll be able to share your lead magnet or free offer so you can bring more people into your funnel and create momentum around your brand.
1-1 Brand consultation
Meet with Mary, our expert brand strategist. She’ll help you clarify your message and implement proven systems that will allow you to quickly and easily create engaging content. This process will help you attract your dream clients, free up your time, and bring your soul’s mission into concrete form.
a Community of Powerhouse Women
If you’ve been searching for a tribe of women who are playing at the same level as you in business, this is your new home. These women will call forth your greatness, hold you accountable, and inspire you to go out side of your comfort zone and play big. What could be possible if you were surrounded by a community that consistently pushed you beyond what you once thought you were capable of?
a year-long membership
to wild universe
transformational content on-demand
30K IN 30 DAYS Challenge
This course was featured in Russell Brunson’s book, The 30 Day Challenge.
the sexy brand-
building formula
Get the formula behind multiple 7-figure brands and learn how to create your signature offer in 48 hours.
pr & media
The complete library to help you launch like a boss and promote your brand in the media.
the art of
Learn to create and sell-out highly profitable in-person retreats.
welcome sequence
Learn a system to attract, nurture, and convert soulmate clients and sell your offers with the power of storytelling.
meditation &
Tools to break through limiting beliefs and activate your next threshold of success.

For the woman ready to scale her impact, streamline her success & step into a community that elevates her

your moment is now
This mastermind isn’t just an opportunity, it’s a turning point. You’ll breakthrough your limits and unlock exponential growth (while having a sh*t-ton of fun in the process).

No more feeling stagnant, hitting the same plateaus over and over again.

No more doing it all alone, second-guessing which actions will move the needle forward.

No more leaving leads on the table and missing opportunities to leverage your brand visibility to the max.

Get ready for a reality where scaling your business is an effortless extension of your creativity; where your self-expression is magnetic; where the center of your life is freedom, wealth, and abundance.
This is the invite
you’ve been waiting for!


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$1100/Month for 12 Months
Total Investment $13,200
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