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jamie anderson

Jamie Anderson is one of the most decorated female snowboarders in the world. She won gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and the 2018 Winter Olympics Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Jamie is involved in a variety of nonprofits and charities and is the founder of The Jamie Anderson Foundation, which provides opportunities for children who would like to snowboard but lack the funds to do so.
Danette May’s coaching, products, and programs have transformed the lives of millions of people, allowing them to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Danette is the Co-founder and CCO of Mindful Health LLC and Earth Echo Foods, best-selling author of The Rise and Embrace Abundance, founder of The Rise Movement, keynote speaker, executive coach, and fitness expert.

diana wentworth

Diana Wentworth is the author of ten best-selling and award-winning books and the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. With her late husband, she hosted a long-running television series and founded the Inside Edge, a weekly breakfast forum in Southern California that helped launch the careers of many celebrated authors and speakers of our day including Jack Canfield and Louise Hay.

danelle delgado

Danelle Delgado has built multiple companies, done millions in sales and and even landed an appearance on NBC’s The Apprentice in 2012 as a top sales earner and guest judge on the show. She is a household name in the business consulting industry, helping companies and independents implement her sales, marketing and customer service techniques to maximize profit and impact.

hanalei swan

Hanalei Swan is a 16-year-old fashion designer, artist, model, international speaker and bestselling author. Hanalei is one of the youngest fashion designers and business owners in the world, producing high-fashion and eco-conscious products out of her showroom in Bali, Indonesia.
Rhonda Swan is a business leader, women’s empowerment advocate, and the CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, a top 10-ranked PR & branding firm for entrepreneurs. She is the host of the Rhonda Swan Show, co-host of New York’s top morning show Wake Up with Marcy, and host for the New to the Street: Unstoppable, which airs on Bloomberg, Fox, and Newsmax.

robin mullin

Robin Mullin is a community builder and passionate advocate for continued personal and collective evolution. In her corporate and consulting roles, she has built systems that ignite creativity and accelerate collective advancement. Her latest project, Wisdom Circles, expands consciousness and the impact of members through collective wisdom council experiences.

Michale Gabriel

Michale Gabriel, founder of Story by Design, is celebrated for storytelling. She earned renown during the Cold War as “Russia’s American Fairy Godmother,” sharing tales to promote intercultural understanding. With over 20 years at Boeing, she coached thousands on leadership through storytelling. Michale has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts with the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Award.
Shar Moore, is a TEDx speaker, TV talk show host, and the founder of the Feminessence® Movement,. With a captivating speaking style, she inspires audiences globally, offering practical strategies for business growth and personal transformation. Shar’s international acclaim includes prestigious awards like the gold International Stevie Award and Woman of the Decade in Personal Leadership.

genevieve searle

Genevieve Searle guides impact-makers to optimize their businesses and relationships while stepping into their soul mission. A TEDx speaker, international bestselling author, consultant and teacher, Genevieve is refreshingly authentic, sassy and insightful and is determined to create ripples of change in order to leave humanity better than she found it.

Blair Kaplan

Blair Kaplan Venables is the founder and CEO of the PR agency Blair Kaplan Communications, an an international bestselling author, speaker, and the host of the Radical Resillience podcast. Blair has been ranked a “Top 10 Conscious Female Leader” by USA Today and a “Top 10 Social Media Expert” by Yahoo!. She has been featured in Forbes, CBC Radio, and Entrepreneur.

Barbie Layton

Barbie Layton is an international speaker and the co-founder of The Infinity Life, Thrival Flow, and The Amethyst Chamber. She contributed to the award-winning documentary The Prison Project and hosts You Are Amazing on The Best You TV, where she interviews prominent thought leaders to bring about a global kindness revolution.

Adriana Alvarez

Adriana Monique Alvarez is the founder and CEO of AMA Publishing and a USA Today bestselling author. Her most recent book, The Younger Self Letters debuted #1 on bestseller lists internationally. She has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, London Daily Post, Entrepreneur, FOX, ABC, and NBC.
Ebony Swank is the founder and CEO of Swank A Posh, an 8-figure clothing boutique that empowers women to feel confident. She has been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, and other publications. Ebony mentors young black women, fostering their professional growth and entrepreneurial spirit.
Dana Kay is an international bestselling author and the founder and CEO of the ADHD Thrive Institute. Dana has been featured in Forbes and on Fox and CBS, among other media outlets. She has helped over 1000 families find freedom from ADHD symptoms so that children with ADHD can thrive at home, at school, and in life.

Tarryn Reeves

Tarryn Reeves is the founder and CEO of Four Eagles Publishing and The Publishing House Concierge and a USA Today bestselling author. She has been featured in LA Times, Thrive Global, and more. Tarryn works with high-level entrepreneurs to create bestselling books that grow businesses with ease. Together with her team of experts, she serves a global client base.

karen whelan

Karen Whelan is a transformational psychotherapist, international bestselling author, and the founder of Soulution Therapy. Her work has allowed her to sit with world experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gabor Maté. She has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, LA Weekly Times, Hollywood Digest, Yahoo! News, and more.

Ania Halama

Ania Halama helps heart-centered entrepreneurs align with their ideal clients to attract wealth, health, love, mental health, and spiritual wealth. She is a spiritual mentor, plant medicine facilitator, integration coach, artist, intuitive healer, Reiki master, EFT certified practicioner, Ho’oponopono master, akashic records reader, and law of attraction master.

Stefanie Bruns

Stefanie helps extraordinary world leaders achieve outstanding results. She is an expert in leading high-performers to more energy and success. Stefanie is a quantum psychologist, and business mentor, and mother of 4 children with over 20 years of experience in coaching ultra-successful people.

Kortney Murray

Kortney Murray is a financial services leader and the founder and CEO of Coastal Kapital. She is also a best-selling co-author, media personality, sought-after keynote speaker, and board member of AACFB. She is disrupting the financing industry by changing the lending equation.

Michelle Beltran

Michelle Beltran is an award-winning author and leading international authority in the spirituality arena, specializing in psychic functioning, mediumship, and remote viewing. She is the host of a popular psychic development podcast and she served a term in the US Air Force. Her work has been extensively featured in the media.
April Ryan is the CEO of Red Iguana, a renowned nail brand. April revolutionized the industry with her invention of silicone practice hands for nail technicians, garnering global acclaim. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she actively engages in charitable endeavors, leaving a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Camberly Gilmartin

Camberly believes in catalyzing global change, beginning with individual empowerment. As an entrepreneur, writer, and advocate, she is dedicated to guiding others toward holistic well-being and environmental stewardship. Camberly envisions a world of love, beauty, and abundance for all beings and our planet.
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