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Ania Halama

Get your FREE BADASS CONFIDENCE BABE Meditation Today!

Never let low confidence bring you down again, with this magical meditation you will be able to raise your confidence and transform into a whole new being. Raise your confidence with this FREE meditation.

Blair Kaplan Venables


The world of social media can be extremely overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. One of the ways to stay organized is to follow daily, weekly and monthly checklists. Following these lists will help you stay organized and help to organize what social media tasks should be done when.

Rhonda Swan

Personal Branding Playbook

Getting Attention Online As An Entrepreneur Is Tough. There are so many moving pieces to master. From getting PR mentions in top publications to search engine optimization, from blogging to indexing, from organic traffic to paid traffic, from social media marketing to Google knowledge panels, from podcasting to assembling the right technology stack, it’s enough to make your head spin. But don’t despair. Help is here.

Hanalei Swan

How To Be And Raise An Unstoppable Kid

What do you want to be now? You’re GREAT no matter what. You are worthwhile simply because you’re alive. Never forget this, and you will thrive.

Barbie Layton

15 minute Soulprint reset consulting discovery session

Have an opportunity to find out how to call in your personal Light energy and discover how you can work with me over the next 3, 6, 9, or 12 months to upgrade your personal vibration, increase your revenue, and find out what your dreams are and help you manifest what is next for you!


Genevieve Searle

The Treasures Within: How to Access Your Ancestral Archetypes

What are you here for? What is your soul’s desire? And now… What traits are you “missing” that are preventing you from stepping into this? Well, guess what? They are already in you they just need to be brought out! You are a living elixir of unique potential crafted from more than a thousand generations. Millions of people compile your family lineage and some of them already embody (have embodied) the traits you need to bring your gifts to the world. Let’s find them…

Dana Kay

The Always Hungry Snack Guide

Is your family always hungry? In the Always Hungry Snack Guide, you’ll get 100 gluten and dairy free snack recipes your entire family is sure to love. Download your copy today.

Tarryn Reeves

1:1 90 minute Business Book Accelerator Session

Receive a 1:1 session with The Book Queen, Tarryn Reeves where you will be guided to map out the structure and strategy for your non-fiction business book. Usually valued at $3,500!

Karen Whelan

Self love Tantra course

This is a beautiful workbook that will allow you to awaken to deeper truths within yourself and find your hidden power

Kortney Murray

Free e book download and consultation with Kortney or one of her trusted account executives

Please enjoy a FREE e book download of the Wealth Edition! I am also offering a short consultation with me or one of my trusted account executives. I am excited to educate you and assist in the growth of your business! If interested, please reach out to my assistant to schedule a time that works.

Michelle Beltran

A digital version of my award-winning book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic. Discover how to awaken, amplify and trust your inner voice!

It is quite possible for any individual to make the conscious decision to develop, rekindle, or magnify the powers of their intuitive voice—their psychic mind. If you nd yourself moved by a strong suspicion that there is more to life than what can be seen or easily explained, then this book is for you. If you nd yourself with an overwhelming desire to explore what lies outside the realm of physical science or earthly understanding, this book will inform you. If you want to know what abilities function outside the domain of natural laws, this book will enlighten you.

Michale Gabriel

“Soul-Centered Storytelling"

You have the ability to change someone’s life, expand their horizons, and alter their perspectives. In your business. In your personal life. How? By telling your story. Maybe you’ve tried. But intuitively you’ve known; your story could be told more impactfully. If you just had some expert guidance on how to do it. Here’s the video to get you started.
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