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women gone wild

supporting each other’s dreams and businesses, one wild woman to another.
I poured my heart into crafting this directory, and let me tell you why—I wanted us to break free from the noise of social media and reconnect on a deeper level, woman to woman. It’s about forging genuine connections, away from the distractions of likes and comments. Here, it’s all about messages and collaborations— supporting each other’s dreams and businesses, one wild woman to another. Inside this directory, you’ll find a treasure trove of trusted women who resonate with our shared goals and values. It’s a sanctuary where we celebrate authenticity and meaningful work. This directory is yours to use, to cherish, and to thrive in. Let’s make waves, let’s stay wild!
rhonda swan

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Founder & CEO, Ignite Publishing, JBO Global Inc & Ignite Moments Media

Kara Nance, MD

Expert in Habit Change, Stress Reduction, Communication, & Self-Mastery

rhonda swan

founder, Women Gone WIld & CEO, Unstoppable Branding Agency

reena merchant


Stefanie bruns

Quantum Psychologist, Holistic Business Mentor, Energy Healer

Merina Ty-Kisera

CEO & Spiritual Alchemist

penney peirce

Transformation Expert & Spiritual Teacher

Robin mullin

Founder & CEO, Wisdom Circles, conscious leader & community builder

kortney murray

founder & ceo, Coastal Kapital

Stephanie Jaie

Co-Founder, The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy & Tantric Wealth Metaphysician

Entrepreneur, author & advocate

Anna Nowak & Alicia Berg

co-Founders, MADE HOT

Psychic Medium & Good Witch

Heather Marianna

founder & ceo, Beauty Kitchen & Marianna Naturals

Diana Wentworth

8x bestselling & award-winning author

Kerri Anne Kedziora

Founder, A-Team Accelerator Vacation Rental Systems & Employee Attraction Specialist

erika peña

founder & ceo, Designer

barbie layton

TV host, CO-founder, The Infinity Life, author & speaker

ania halama

CEO, Xpansion alchemy & Spiritual Business Mentor

blair kaplan venables

CEO, Blair Kaplan Communications, Founder, The Global Resilience Project & Social Media MENTOR

Michelle Beltran

Owner, RWM LLC, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Medium, Author & Podcast Host

karen whelan

founder & ceo The Soultion Therapist

Loretta Wetzel

CEO, The Wetzel Group & Heart 2 Wealth, Founder, IAMLOVEMOVEMENT

tarryn reeves

founder & ceo, Four Eagles Publishing & The Publishing House Concierge, book coach & publisher

lisa stafford

founder & ceo, Lisa's sweet spot

dana kay

Founder & CEO, ADHD Thrive Institute, Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner


founder & CEO, swank a posh

Shar Moore

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Feminessence ® Magazine, award-winning Business Mentor & TEDx Speaker

Genevieve Searle

women's Wellness & Empowerment Mentor


Founder & CEO, Master Storyteller, Coach

jet Van Wijk


terri britt

Former Miss USA, TEDx Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Spiritual Coach & Intuitive Healer

Sophie Zollmann

founder & CEO, SophieZo Next Level Business Support


founder & CEO, True Medical Aesthetics

Adriana Monique Alvarez

Founder & CEO, award-winning publisher & usa today bestselling author

jamie anderson

2x olympic goldmedalist


founder & CEO, Stellar Life Coaching

andrea bell

Founder & CEO, Thrive & Profitability


Founder & CEO, Elite Garment Distro

danette may

founder, the rise movement

yamilca rodriguez

branding expert, bestselling author & speaker

ondi laure

bestselling author

Jodi Vetterl

founder, Beyond the Banks Academy, bestselling author & speaker

kathi tait

Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Transformative Coach & Management Accountant

Sandra Tremper O'Brien

women's empowerment coach, author & attorney

alexa west

founder, The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide & author

Isabel Donadio

founder, TOP TALENT AGENCY & bestselling author

kathy gibson

president & ceo, Catchy Consulting & expert in social, economic & technological issues

Celinne Da Costa

author, speaker & coach for executives & entrepreneurs

allison lewis

founder, absolutely social & YayMaker Louisville, author

lilith moon

founder, Shamanic Yoga, shamanic healer & teacher

Anniece Acker

founder & ceo, Annieca Insurance, podcast host, author, speaker & educator

Bella Maree Lane

Heart Wound Healer

leah steele

CEO, podcast host & Holistic Wealth Strategist

doria cordova

CEO, Excellerated Business Schools® & Money & You®, bestselling author

allison larsen

founder, The Speakers Coalition, speaker, TV host & bestselling author

camille robb

CEO, Just Fabulous Care, JFC Global Concierge Service & JFC Global Academy, speaker & children's advocate

katrina sawa

7x Best-Selling Author & business coach

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