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Ebony Swank is an American entrepreneur who founded Swank A Posh, a women’s clothing boutique that launched in 2009. She is also the current CEO of the company.

Ebony quit her job with little to no knowledge of what a target audience was, briefly after launching her store failed. Ebony had to go back to the drawing board. She mastered her target customer and invested her last $12,000 into a new store in a different location that has now grown into an 8 figure establishment. Swank has been featured in Forbes, Business Deccan, Rolling Out, Black Enterprise and countless other publications.

Detroit Native, Ebony Swank has been in love with general business, interacting with people & and providing a “service” her entire life. Forging from a long line of entrepreneurs Ebony picked up on the power of being “your own boss” early on. While growing her company and learning about her customer she realized there was a gap in the market for jeans that women would be confident wearing, were stretchy and long enough. After much research, she learned there just wasn’t jeans on the market that fit the curve of a black woman’s body comfortably. She has been able to create jeans in multiple styles, washes, lengths and sizes that fit everyone. Swank A Posh is known for its stretchy SuperGa Jeans, its trend-setting fashion and its infamous try-on videos.

With much success, Ebony Swank has been able to employ young black women with entry-level experience and mentor them to executives at Swank A Posh, owners of their own businesses or both. Swank A Posh now has multiple locations in the Metro Detroit area and a massive online following that aids women to be confident in their own skin

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In this episode, Ebony Swank shares her simple secrets to boosting your marketing this summer. Swank a Posh, a clothing boutique that would disrupt the fast-fashion business with its high-quality products, was created by Ebony in 2009. The first store eventually shuttered soon after it opened. Ebony was more determined than ever to learn from her failures and meticulously plan her next move. Swank a Posh has expanded dramatically in such a short period of time, becoming a multi-million dollar corporation. There is no limit to where Ebony Swank’s business can go. She has established herself as a true success story and an example to aspiring businesses. It was so inspiring to have her on The Rhonda Swan Show.

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