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About kenya roberson

Founder/CEO Elite Garment Distro Inc.

Kenya has been involved in the clothing wholesale industry for over 10 years. In her early years, she began working for Herve Leger, styling and selling dresses of all varieties. She worked in freelance modeling as well where she connected with many industry leaders. Kenya quickly grew interested in the apparel resale industry and began working for a wholesale company that specialized in exports. She worked there for many years and gained tremendous industry knowledge, including logistics.

Kenya never lost the desire to work with high-end brands, as her experience in the LA fashion industry was a large part of her history. After a few years, she decided to open her own company where she could put her export, logistics, fashion sense, and premier brand knowledge to best use. Elite Garment Distro was born, and has become a niche company that incorporates not only wholesale and export logistics expertise, but a strong brand awareness as well. Along her journey, Kenya’s sense of philanthropy has also grown, and she’s been very active in giving back not only in her local community, but to various humanitarian projects across the world. Elite Garment Distro frequently donates to charities and provides apparel and shoes to clothe the needy.

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