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Scientifically proven Quantum healer/ executive coach to CEO’s, elite athletes, TV host of “You Are Amazing!”, co-founder of The Infinity Life, author, speaker, movie cast member, and heart-centered conscious entrepreneur

As Seen in USA Today, Forbes, Goss, and many other international media outlets, Barbie is an International Best You Expo speaker going from side to the Main stage in 6 months in 2020 based on fan feedback and 25 years of previous speaking engagements to four New York Times Square Billboard! She has a global TV show called “You Are Amazing!” where she interviews world thought leaders who are changing the world for the positive! She earned an M.A In Spiritual Psychology from the world famous University of Santa Monica and participated in the  Cannes film festival winning documentary as a counselor to women serving life sentences in Chowchilla, California on “The Prison Project” , based on Viktor Frankl’s work in 2007. She is a 2021 graduate of Vishen Lakhiani’s Premium Coaching. She was nominated for the inaugural Tony Hsieh award in 2020 . She helps CEO’s , professional and elite athletes, and individuals alike reanimate their dreams, fall in love with themselves, and become the VIP of their own lives with powerful one of a kind quantum intuitive life coach energy clearings that have manifested miracles in her clients’ lives, and she is in the second edition of the international bestselling book “Women Gone Wild”, that launched in June and went to #1 in 9 categories and is now available in retail stores. Read More

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Be on the lookout for this amazing woman in 2022! Barbie launches a documentary movie with Dr. John DeMartini, a speaking engagement in Egypt, and multiple speaking engagements across multiple platforms. She will also be on the Los Angeles Tribune TV show on Thursday and in their brand new “Lit” magazine for Ignite Your Essence, and a feature for coaches on NBC and 400 affiliates. Don’t miss this episode!

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