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Founder of wild wellbeing company

Following careers in the Health Care Industry spanning 25 years, ranging from Intensive Care Nursing to Education, Psychology, Counselling and Coaching, Estelle now works with individuals, groups and businesses as a Wellbeing Facilitator and Writer.

As stress and anxiety levels continue to rise on a global basis, Estelle believes that now is the time to step up to a new level of being, where we all take a more conscious approach to life and living. It is from this perspective that Estelle now works with pragmatic tools from Psychology and Energy Medicine to empower clients globally to create a greater sense of awareness and consciousness in their daily lives. She knows that It is possible for us to create happier, more rewarding, more expansive lives by releasing past traumas and asking bigger questions.

Estelle feels most alive when she is exploring leading-edge healing techniques and loves to play with energy through her client facilitation sessions, classes, the books she publishes and the various print and online publications to which she has the honour of contributing.

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