Wellness & Empowerment Mentor for Women Claiming their Crowns / The Optimization Queen

Genevieve Searle A.K.A The Optimisation Queen, is a way-shower, guiding impact makers around the globe to connect deeply with their biology to optimize their business, create epic relationships & realize their soul mission. 

Using the ground breaking platform of ph360 Epigenetic Profiling, she offers her clients a deep understanding of who they are, what their unique genius is & how to craft every part of their lives from food & environment to daily rhythm & team dynamics to be in sync with this. 

A TEDx talker, international best-selling author, consultant & teacher, Genevieve is refreshingly authentic, sassy & insightful & is determined to create ripples of change in order to leave humanity better than she found it.”


Genevieve Searle talks about epigenetics ; and how they are the love letters from our ancestors and their impact on our present and future. This optimization queen is a next-level integrative wellness & empowerment mentor for women embracing their queen-dom. Fusing epigenetic’s, embodiment & empowerment, she is here to guide women in reclaiming wellness for themselves and thrive. In this episode, she explains the role of ancestral trauma en why your inheritance doesn’t have to be your destiny.

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