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Expert in Habit Change, Stress Reduction, Communication, and the Science of Self Mastery

Kara Nance specializes in Upstreaming and uses her expertise to uncover and treat unhealthy relational and psychosocial dynamics that lead to suffering for individuals and organizations. A physician with 25 years of clinical experience, Kara also is trained to guide psycho-spiritual healing and transcendence. Kara studied at Princeton, Penn, University of Chicago, and UMass Center for Mindfulness and is double board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine. Kara is the founder of WellessenceMD, the Lead Expert in Cravings, Addictions, and the Science of Self Mastery for the Sharecare Digital Health Company, and is certified in Nonviolent Communication, Resonant Healing, the Enneagram and MBTI typing systems, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Kara also produces a weekly podcast called The Blindspot An Enneagram Podcast. In addition, she is a co-author in the Women Gone Wild edition about Intuition. Kara is a mother to four children and uses her “training” from parenting and divorce to help individuals and couples to navigate complex family dynamics.

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This double certified physician speaks the truth. Our guest, Kara Nace has always wanted to help others. After her certification in internal medicine and obesity medicine she came to a sudden realization: Medical studies alone don‘t always solve her patients‘ problems. Her journey to heal others led her to the opposite spectrum of medicine. After studying the human mind, enneagram studies and mindfulness, she was presented with opposing approaches to healing her patients. By taking in both ways, Kara is healing her patients with an approach that includes both approaches to medicine. Today, her focus involves stress induced diseases. Working in collaboration with other medical professionals, she helped develop medically proven apps including Unwinding Anxiety to reduce stress and anxiety. This was such an interesting show with Kara Nance. Go check out her podcast The Blind Spot, where she shares her knowledge around Enneagrams!

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