About Marjet Van Wijk


Marjet, better known as Jet, is a global adventurer with Dutch origins now settled in beautiful Bali. Initially climbing the corporate ladder in hotel management at Hilton Hotels in London, she soon craved a life of freedom. Transitioning to the influencer industry, Jet confronted the dark side of social media, inspiring her to self-publish “What Influence,” unveiling the toxic impact. Shifting gears, she became a marketing freelancer, prioritizing mental health over follower counts. 

Scaling her venture, Jet established a successful marketing agency and created a 7-figure coaching program, empowering others to embrace freelancing without chasing validation. Advocating for life on one’s own terms, she guides others to break free from the 9-5 grind and design their dream lives, a passion she ardently pursues, unbound by likes and followers.

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