about Sandra Tremper O'Brien

A journey of radical self-discovery and self-empowerment after the end of her 25-year marriage led Sandra to a mission to coach other women in life transitions. She describes herself as a “knowledge broker” who shares the lessons, resources, experiences and insights she’s gathered along the way on her successful transformative path. Sandra helps women reclaim their personal power and transform their life by reconnecting them with aspects of themselves they may have forgotten, suppressed or neglected. She is the creator of the empowerment method, “Divine Feminine Warrior Goddess,” contributing author of the book “Women Gone Wild,” and author of her forthcoming book, “Reclaim Your Crown.” Sandra is a reformed litigation attorney and recovering country club housewife.

Her interest in women’s empowerment began in 1996, when she became the founder, organizer and chair of her city’s first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. She is currently a HeartMath Certified Trainer, a Certified Healer and Ritual Master within The Modern Mystery School lineage, a Reiki Master, and an official exhibiting artist at Burning Man. She has an irreverent sense of humor, and a passion for learning, travel, dark chocolate and the beach life at her home in San Diego,

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